Three former NCAA powerhouse athletes gone pro in different arenas namely, Northwestern Mutual, Carolina Asset Management, Honeywell. International, spin off company, AdvanSix and NFL Superbowl Champion. The tribe catapulted up the ladder in life at an early age post sports and never looked back.

Ryan Schactner


Former NCAA Athlete, President/Founder of a Financial Asset Management Firm and now CEO of A Must Win.

Samantha Card


Best Selling Author, Former NCAA D1 Athlete gone Fortune 100 Trailblazer and now Full Time Entrepreneur

Patrick (Pat) Lee


Superbowl Champion, Former NCAA D1 Athlete and Founder of Brothers Built to Lead.

Ryan Schactner

Ryan Schactner

Ryan SCHACTNER turned a career ending athletic injury and the skills he learned as an athlete into success in the financial planning industry for over two decades, establishing one of the fastest growing firms in the southeast. In collaboration with current and former professional athletes, he authored an International Best Selling personal finance book for athletes and took the lessons he learned to build out programs that help students see themselves as more than “just an athlete”, create self-awareness and accelerate success after athletics.